My Earliest Memories

I am going to be sixty-two this coming November. I get to join the 2020 COVID birthdays. Maybe I’ll get a super cool mask as a present…I’m kinda kidding! Depends on the mask. I just had a thought about I wonder if they will put facemasks in a time capsule? Back to turning a year older.

I was going through my emails coming across my young friend Sarah’s blog LifeIsBetterInRed where she blogged about sitting down at the table for meals with your family which brought me back to when I was growing up sparking off memories of my youth; of my earliest memories.

When you grow older certain memories are etched in stone while others fade away like the fog over the mountains burn off as the sun gets hotter. That’s why family photos are so important at least to me. So let’s take a glimpse into my young self’s memories.

My Earliest Memories

#1. Age 2 or 3 was standing in the front seat, my mother was driving telling my dad to get in the car as he walked down the street.

#2. Age 4 was my dad holding me walking with my mom back down the street to our house after they had played some cards with their friends.

#3. Age 5 was sitting out in the summer in my wading pool with my mother pouring in dish soap to make bubbles.

#4. Age 5 was telling my mom I didn’t need her to walk me the two blocks to my school finding out later she followed at a safe distance to watch out for me.

#5. Age 5 was remembering ‘class break’ in kindergarten laying down on a thick mat after drinking one of those little cartons of milk and eating gram crackers. I always fell asleep.

#6. Age 6 was falling flat on my back while hanging upside down on the playground’s metal poles. Scared me silly cos I couldn’t breathe for a minute or two.

#7. Age 7 was playing Ring Around The Rosie and Duck Duck Goose on the grass area between the school’s Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades and the 4th, 5th and 6th grades.

#8. Age 8 was toeing the name Mike in the sand with the toe of my shoe. I was in love with a very cute boy:)

#9. Age 9 was running like a madman all around the blacktop playground falling down skinning my knee up. (That happened twice more, I still have a faint scar)

#10. Age 10 was getting hit with a rock by a boy near my eye. I, later on, got revenge by sneaking up on said boy kicking the crap out of his ankle with my white saddle shoes I hated for once they came in handy!

#11. Age 11 was wishing my mother would let me wear a training bra like the other girls.

Mixed in all that were Saturday cartoons, Saturday breakfasts, family dinners, family vacations with cousins, spending time with my dad who was always outside building something either mechanical or some home improvement.

All in all, I had a regularly scheduled life that helped me when I got older which some things I followed, some stuff I tailored to suit my own life. I remember this very big heavy family album I used to pull off the top shelf of our family’s hall closet almost falling backward it was so big going over the pictures as I got older. I couldn’t believe how young both my parents looked when they got married (because of little ‘ole me) my mom being eighteen, my father was twenty.

Nowadays most memories are digitally taken on your cell transferred to your computer. You no longer have to carry around those huge camcorders. Memories are precious so take time to think back remember those days of old no matter how old you are. I hope you can relate and or got a laugh out of my earliest memories.

What’s your earliest memories?


  1. So amazing Sheryl. You remember events year on year.
    And I would be 72 a month later / in December 😊

    I remember when I came back home the first day I went to school- my father received me at the door with my favourite sweets 🍫 💖

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  2. Reblogged this on Been There, Done That and commented:
    WoW, this post brought back loads of memories. Going on 67 years of life for me the second month of 2021 ( if still here and kicking) Earliest memory would be the bee sting on the bottom of my foot with the little sucker being the size of my foot ~ I was 2 yrs old.

    Just remember, at that age when a boy hits you He LIKES you, You answering back with revenge, is liking him as well. Mother’s advice back then. As for those saddle shoes…hated them to! BUT I had to have special soles on them due to my pigeon toe walk .
    Was the only girl in Junior High that didn’t wear a bra…nothing there to hold up ….so my mom tells me. PE class was a tragic time for me.

    What ever happen to the wholesome cartoon shown only one day of the week. Most are just violent and distasteful.

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  3. First I thought when I read you got a bee sting on the bottom of your foot…OUCH! Then I thought how in the world did that happened where it happened? Poor baby.
    Oh, I remember those days of boys hitting a girl cos he liked her especially when I was in Jr. High. This one boy every time he walked by me he punched me hard in the arm. I got him too!
    Saddle shoes were supposed to be for my ‘duck feet’. I walked sliding my feet across the ground to wear the soles out haha Adding insult to injury I had to paint them white with shoe polish when I got streaks on the shoe. What a mess! All the other girls had pretty shoes always making snide remarks.
    I think we have all gone through this childhood bit here and there. I miss those old cartoons especially Speedy Gonzolas was my favorite!
    Take care and you WILL be around for I have just met you! x


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