Taking Care Of Duke

Sniff sniff this is new?

Yesterday I had the honor and the pleasure of babysitting my favorite doggie friend. I went out early in the morning at 8am to our local market purchasing soup bones in the hope of keeping Duke quiet and happy. The donuts for the husband with the same reasons said with tongue in cheek.

I love you xx

I have known Duke since our friend went to a rescue shelter bringing him back when they used to live here. Duke had been abandoned with another dog in a house not being found for an entire week. From that Duke has abandonment issues. I knew this hence the soup bones.

I’m hiding my bone for later

Sure enough, as soon as his owner slipped out the door Duke started crying for daddy. Hoping to make him feel better I went to my kitchenette taking a soup bone out of the package of two. Sniffing at it he had no interest in the bone so I came back to our computer room with him matching me step for step dropping it on the blanket I had laid out for him. He looked at me then started nosing the blanket over his bone making me laugh.

I gotta go out….pleassssse

I asked him why he didn’t want his bone or lay on his blanket I had so thoughtfully laid out for him? Looking at me he gave me kisses reassuring me that he loved the gift and loved me, just no bone for now. I figured it was so hot out even though we have AC he wanted to lay on the nice cool floor instead of the crocheted blanket.

Is that Daddy??

I then decided I wanted photos of Duke so we both padded into my living area as I sank down to the floor he watched making sure I was okay then started walking around exploring. I must have taken 20 photos until I was satisfied slowly standing up again which he watched with interest. He was still crying and whining for his daddy. Half an hour had passed by now so I decided to sing him a song which he joined in. Click on this link to get to my Facebook timeline, scroll down to hear me and Duke make beautiful music together.

I’ll stay right here so I don’t lose you too

Duke was a happy boy when his daddy came to collect him. I had wrapped up his soup bones adding leftovers for our friend. He had a long day having to visit the hospital out of town. It made for a very nice day with my favorite doggie friend and my husband loved his donut treat.

Do you have a favorite doggie friend?

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