Don’t Let Your Exercise Bike Gather Dust

So long July

July is almost over. It has been hot, humid, cloudy, and rainy all month. It was real, it was good, but it wasn’t real good. The month of July seems to have flown by despite staying home which if I think of it I didn’t really go anywhere to speak of anyways. See ya later social distancing 4th of July fireworks. Maybe next year will be different. Hope springs eternal in my soul.

We have all read well-meaning bloggers posting about your mental and physical health. Especially during this coronavirus pandemic. June 9th I posted about getting fit with my brand new exercise bike I purchased over at Amazon. No, I am not affiliated with Amazon in any shape or form and will make no money over this mention. You can read an uplifting article about health here at Lifewithlilred one of my very favorite bloggers. Another blog I follow wrote up about your health over at Be Inspired..!!  

I had given up speedwalking which was what I did when I lived in Maine before moving here in Vermont. I had shattered my ankle twisting it on black ice. Since then after time nerve damage crept in causing random stabbing shooting pain so I was forced to stop. Next, I tried swim therapy. I thought perfect but even being supported by the buoyancy of the water my fibromyalgia kicked in causing crushing like pain so I had to give that up. I needed something else so I thought of an exercise bike finally being able to purchase one.

Feeling tall on my exercise bike

Here’s what I have learned along the way since June 9th to now July 30th due to my physical restrictions. When I started out I started out slow actually learning my lesson from before approaching something all gung-ho only to have to quit all disappointed. I kept my dial of resistance at the number 1 on the bike dial. I had my bike set up near my window to look at the great outdoors from the 3rd floor mainly being rooftops; at least there was the clouds to watch. That didn’t jive at all. I wasn’t burning off hardly any calories often hopping off before my  designated 15 min. were up burning under a hundred calories. Not good for my body and certainly not good for my mental and emotional state of mind.

Lets ride and watch a good movie

After about a week of this nonsense, a picture of those exercise bikes with the little tv attached in the front of it popped into my mind. My husband had just switched out my computer screen to a larger model leaving the smaller one hooked up to the PC in our living room area. Dragging the bike in front of that screen I went on Amazon Prime, No I am not affiliated with Amazon in any shape or form and will make no money over this mention. looked up a movie, climbed on my bike pedaling my butt off from an iffy 15 mins. to a full 45 mins! I also went from under a hundred calories burned to an even 500 calories burned and best of all it made me sweat a little which is what I need to do if I have any chance of losing any of this flab.

500 calories burned!!

Unfortunately my back chronic pain is starting so I finally gave in and took some ibuprofen early this morning and I feel pretty good now. I took yesterday off remembering even when I lost 14 pounds speedwalking in Maine I didn’t walk every day so I will still hang in there. 

The moral of my little story is don’t give up. Keep trying. You can do it. Because when all is said and done I have watched, in 45 min. segments, a good movie feeling on top of the world for I did it! I really don’t want to have to give it up until I have tried everything.

Do you have any challenges exercising? How do you overcome them?


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